Alyssa A. Vanerelli

PhD student at Rutgers University Camden | she/her


Computational and Integrative Biology

Rutgers University

My name is Alyssa Vanerelli and I am a PhD student in the Geneva Lab at Rutgers University, where I am studying the evolutionary genomics of Anolis lizards. I received my B.S. in Biology at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where I studied the ecology and evolution of Caribbean boas with Dr. Graham Reynolds. In my free time, I enjoy birding, crafting, and taking photos! Connect with me on iNaturalist and eBird!

I am interested in using genomics to understand the evolutionary history of Anolis lizards. My research focuses on answering questions related to adaptation, genome evolution, convergence, and phylogenetics. Check out the projects page to read about my current and past research projects!


Apr 15, 2022 Accepted the PhD offer from Rutgers University!
Sep 1, 2021 Started a post-baccalaureate position in the Geneva Lab at Rutgers University.

selected publications

  1. MitoDNA B
    Mitochrondrial Genome of the Critically Endangered Silver Boa (Chilabothrus argentum:Squamata:Boidae)
    Vanerelli, Alyssa A., Miller, Aryeh H., Comsa, L. Caden, Geneva, Anthony J., and Reynolds, R. Graham
    Mitochondrial DNA Part B, Submitted