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In Prep

  1. In Prep
    High-quality Genome Assembly of the Jamaican Turquoise Anole (Anolis grahami)
    Vanerelli, Alyssa A., Maayan, Inbar, Bock, Dan, Josos, Jonathan, and Geneva, Anthony J
    In Prep


  1. Submitted
    Spatial ecology of the Turks and Caicos Boa, Chilabothrus c. chrysogaster (Cope 1871) (Serpentes: Boidae) on Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos.
    Reynolds, R. Graham, Reger, Molly E., Peek, Keeley J., Raphael, Bonnie, Colosimo, Giuliano, Miller, Aryeh H., Vanerelli, Alyssa A., and Gerber, Glenn P.


  1. MitoDNA B
    Mitochrondrial Genome of the Critically Endangered Silver Boa (Chilabothrus argentum:Squamata:Boidae)
    Vanerelli, Alyssa A., Miller, Aryeh H., Comsa, L. Caden, Geneva, Anthony J., and Reynolds, R. Graham
    Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 2022


  1. Herpetol Rev
    Chilabothrus chrysogaster chrysogaster (Turks Island Boa)
    Reynolds, R. Graham, Colosimo, Giuliano, Peek, Keeley, Vanerelli, Alyssa A., Bradley, Kelly, and Gerber, Glenn P.
    Herpetological Review 2020